Fake Plant Shop

How to find a fake plant shop in Melbourne

Planning to revamp, design or style your home? You can make a lasting first impression with fake plants, flowers and trees. Artificial plants create a fascinating natural look for any home and evoke the beauty of nature into any indoor space. But to craft a dazzling setting, you have to invest in quality faux plants, hire a good interior designer, and of course, find a fake plant shop to source all your interior design materials. However, there are many plant shops in Melbourne, and choosing the right one can be challenging, especially if you’re a first-time DIY designer. Thankfully, this guide outlines 5 simple steps on how to locate and select a replica plant shop. Just read through.

Search on Google

Go to Google Maps and search for “fake plant shops in Melbourne”. Look at the map and note the shops that are close to your location. However, the closest store is not necessarily the best. You can do similar Google searches, too. Try searching “Melbourne artificial plant shops”. You’ll get some distinct results and some overlapping results. At the end of all this, you will have a list of 5 or more shops that are near you and top in your town.

Get recommendations

Find out where your friends buy their fake plants. Do they love the shop or hate it? Are the store prices favourable or not? And are their services and products of high-quality? Similarly, ask an interior designer(s) you know to recommend a fake plant shop that they use. As designers have industry connections and know where to get good deals, they can locate a shop that sells durable, attractive plants at a competitive price.

Know the cost

Some fake plant shops are more expensive or radically cheaper than others. But don’t go with the cheapest or overpriced store. Costly ones don’t guarantee premium-grade products, while inexpensive ones may provide terrible, fragile products, that cost extra to replace. Before you even start your search, figure how much you are willing to spend. To get the best deal, compare prices to find a shop that offers quality, affordable artificial plants.

Check their website

Many artificial plant shops have websites to display their products, prices and share information. Visit their website and find out what the store does and provides. As an example, have a look at www.artificialplantshop.com.au. A shop with a wide range of synthetic plants and that offers modest prices is perfect. Likewise, look for testimonials and reviews on the site. The more positive reviews the store has, the more reputable they are. To gauge their experience, check out the about us page and note how many years they have been in the industry.

Go window shopping

Get out of your house or office and go out there to look for synthetic plant shops. Though hectic and tedious, visiting plant stores in your area is a great way to see what the shops sell and compare prices. Visit several shops during your spare time. While in a specific shop, look for plants that best suit your space and that you can afford. After the long walk or drive around town, you’ll be able to identify several reliable artificial plant shops.