Solar Panels History

Solar Panels – From Invention To Recognition

Solar power is on the rise these days. The technology is becoming better and more affordable by the year. As we see the rise of solar power, it’s interesting to know its journey. Where we are today is no coincidence. Solar panels have come a long way. They’ve been around for almost a century.

Brief History of Solar Panels

Solar power isn’t a new thing as most people think. It actually existed since the mid-1800s. In 1839, scientists discovered the photovoltaic effect – generation of electricity from sunlight. Photovoltaic cells were very inefficient. For a long time, they were mainly used to measure light. A century later, in 1941, the solar cell was dreamt up. Since then, solar power has improved. It continues to become cheaper and more efficient. That’s why you need a solar company in Ballarat, VIC. Selecting the right solar panel is critical, so see which solar panel to choose.

Earlier Solar Power Technologies

Before 1990, all solar panel technologies were expensive and inefficient. In the mid-1990s, a solar cell that could surpass 3% conversion efficiency was made. Still, the mid-1990s saw a project that stored solar energy economically and efficiently. To use solar power, the sun didn’t need to be shining.

In the late-1990s, to the early-2000s, thin film solar panels were in the works. After constant development and improvement, thin film solar modules finally achieved 10.8% conversion efficiency. 2001 saw the first sale of solar panels to residential American clients.

Such solar panels weren’t efficient. This meant that one had to use many of them in order to generate the amount of power needed. Since this technology took up more roof space and increased the cost of solar, only wealthy people could afford it. In fact, it was cheaper to use electricity than solar.

Modern Solar Power Technologies

Solar panels have kept improving in leaps-and-bounds. There’s no sign of the budding innovation slowing. Researchers are on the move, exploring new designs, materials and methods to make solar power more affordable and efficient. We still depend on fossil fuels but that will be a thing of the past considering the rise and rise of solar technology. The cost of installing solar panels is becoming cheaper and traditional sources of electricity are getting a run for their money. Before 2030, solar panels will be a mainstream power source.

Cutting-edge Innovations

Efficiency is the name of the game with top of the range solar panels boasting 20.8% conversion efficiency. Solar technology is on steroids because many people want to generate sufficient power at less cost. High-efficiency panels keep producing energy come rain or shine. They’re built to withstand light degradation and bad weather.

Modern-day solar panels are gaining popularity for minimising energy costs while maximising space. Some come equipped with Wi-Fi and add-on features like rainwater collection, energy storage and EV charging stations. Most of them are very durable and easy to install.

With solar panels becoming more powerful and affordable, now’s the best time to go solar. If you want to be in the know about solar technology, consult your local solar specialist. This expert will walk you through the entire process of adopting solar.